At SERJON we believe that experience matters. We offer consulting services by seasoned industry veterans with practical experience.

Our consultants are highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals in their fields.

Their experience includes working in  areas of corporate, structured and project finance to finance projects and other assets in various sectors and markets, information technology from network design and implementation to all stages of the software development life cycle, as well as cyber security to protect from threats to hardware and software.

All the other industry experts with whom we partner have extensive experience in their fields and proven track records. 


A few words about us

SERJON is a boutique consulting firm and woman-owned, small business based in Heathsville, Virginia, USA. We specialize in strategic engagements that help our customers achieve their project development, financing/funding solutions, program management & support, training, as well as information technology and cyber security goals.

Our founders have over 20 years experience in their respective fields and have provided solutions to both public and private sector businesses..  

We have clients that vary in size from small businesses to large multi-nationals and span several industries.  We perform services in the D.C. metro area, nationally and internationally.  

Our size enables us to be flexible and agile in order to meet today's challenges, future goals, and all within a rapidly changing business environment.

We have relationships and partnerships with a number of other industry experts, vendors and service providers to help meet your needs.

        Tips for success!

        Strategic planning saves you money

        Employing tactical and strategic planning to establish goals and objectives can help reduce and smooth out the costs of investments 

        Experience matters

        Hiring less experienced "cheaper" resources means longer implementation times and larger project costs in the end

        Analysis is cost effective

        Engaging experienced professionals who have "been there and done that" to review your situation can save you significant amounts of frustration, time, and money

        Rushing increases costs

        Rather than always being reactive to your problems ("fire drills") and shooting from hip, slow down and do it right